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Parry Sound PowerGen Corporation (“Genco”) owns the generating assets including the land, control dams, the rights to control the watershed, the building and fixtures and a rental building and related land. Genco is responsible for those activities relating to the generation of power. Until Market Opening on May 1, 2002, Genco charged Wiresco only its actual operating costs, with no mark-ups, for all energy delivered. Since Market Opening, Genco has been charging Wiresco the actual spot market price for all energy delivered. 

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Parry Sound Energy Services Corporation (“Servco”) owns the motor vehicles, general office equipment and rental water tank inventory of the former Commission, employs all of the staff of the former Commission and provides services to Holdco, Genco and Wiresco. Servco also operates a water heater rental program, performs streetlight, traffic light and tree trimming services for the Town and performs similar services for individuals at competitive rates. In addition, Servco also provides meter reading and billing services related to water and sewage for the Town.

Parry Sound Hydro Corporation (“Holdco”), and its wholly owned subsidiaries Parry Sound PowerGen Corporation (“Genco”), Parry Sound Power Corporation (“Wiresco”) and Parry Sound Energy Services Corporation (“Servco”) were all incorporated under the Ontario Business Corporations Act on October 31, 2000. On November 1, 2000, pursuant to Section 142 of the Electricity Act, 1998 and in accordance with By-Law 2000-4303 of the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound (the “Town”), all of the assets, liabilities, employees, rights and obligations of the Parry Sound Public Utility Commission (the “Commission”) were transferred to Holdco and its subsidiaries.

The board of directors for Holdco consists of the Mayor and four appointed members by the Town Council. The boards of directors for the other three companies are appointed by the Board of Directors of Holdco.

In accordance with various regulations of the province of Ontario, Holdco, Wiresco, Genco and Servco became taxable entities on October 1, 2001 and became responsible for making payments in lieu of taxes, equivalent to federal and provincial income and capital taxes, to the Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation, to pay down the residual debt of the former Ontario Hydro.

Parry Sound Power Corporation (“Wiresco”) owns the land, land rights, distribution station, poles, towers and fixtures, overhead and underground conductors and devices, underground conduit, line transformers, services and meters. Wiresco distributes power from Genco to its customers and is responsible for the activities relating to the transmission, distribution and retailing of electricity. The rates it charges are regulated and approved by the Ontario Energy Board. Wiresco’s corporate objective is to provide safe and reliable electricity to its customers at a reasonable cost. Wiresco purchases energy from both Genco and OPG and sells it to its consumers a majority of who are landowners in the Town. 

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How To Shop For Electricity

Competition in the electricity sector began in November, 2000.

Only Ontario Energy Board licensed electricity marketers are be able to sell electricity to consumers. If you choose to switch electricity providers, you may do so. Only the actual commodity or electricity component of your bill is open to competition. Compare suppliers and choose the best one for you.

Remember that Parry Sound Power will continue to deliver power to your home, whether or not you switch the company you buy it from. You can still count on the same dependable service.

Retailers are companies licensed to sell electricity. Retailers do not participate in the actual physical delivery of electricity, but act as financial intermediaries. In the market that operated in Ontario from May to November 2002, retailers allowed customers to shop around for fixed-price electricity contracts and avoid buying electricity at the prevailing spot market rate. Distributors are permitted to establish affiliated, though separate, retail companies.

All electricity retailers are required by law to be licensed by the Ontario Energy Board. They must also enter an agreement with the local distributor before their electricity can be delivered to you. There are currently numerous electricity retailers licensed in Ontario, but not all are actively conducting business.

The Ontario Energy Board is responsible for issuing retailer licenses and for investigating complaints from customers.

The Reasons Behind High Electricity Bills

There are a number of reasons your bill could be higher than you expect.

• Weather. A long spell of cold weather, like the deep freeze we experienced this winter, increases most energy bills. This winter was the second-coldest winter in 20 years and the cruelest day, March 3, was the chilliest on record for that date, says David Phillips, Environment Canada’s weather guru. Consider our Monthly Equal Payment Plan to even out high seasonal bills. 

• Increased use in your household. If you have a new baby, live-in relatives, tenants or house guests in your household, you can expect higher energy use. 

• Change in lifestyle. Have you added a home office or been keeping the house warmer? Perhaps you’ve bought a hot tub or you now have teenagers taking more showers. All of these lifestyle changes contribute to higher energy use. 

• Home renovations or additions. You’ll use more energy to heat and run your home during renovations and by adding floor and window space. If you made energy improvements, but your bill still went up, chances are that the consumption savings were more than offset by increased gas costs. Check the actual unit consumption, and if it has gone down, then you have saved over what you would have spent otherwise. 

• Longer-than-usual billing period. It may be that your energy consumption isn’t actually higher than usual, but that your bill covers a longer period of time. Extra appliance use. You may have added new appliances like a computer, or have been using them more. 
Other possible factors: 

• Does your home need “weatherizing”? Ceiling, floors and walls may need more insulation. What about weather stripping or caulking around doors, windows, pipes and cracks? 

• Inaccurate thermostat. Make sure your home-heating thermostat is properly calibrated. The higher the setting, the more energy used. If you aren’t paying attention to turning down the thermostat at night or when no one is home, you’re using more energy than you need to. 

• Extended winter lighting requirements. Did you put up holiday lights? As the days are shorter, lights are on for longer periods of time in the winter. If you use outdoor security lights that stay on all night, consider putting them on motion sensors to come on only when needed.

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