Competition in the electricity sector began in November, 2000.

Only Ontario Energy Board licensed electricity marketers are be able to sell electricity to consumers. If you choose to switch electricity providers, you may do so. Only the actual commodity or electricity component of your bill is open to competition. Compare suppliers and choose the best one for you.

Remember that Parry Sound Power will continue to deliver power to your home, whether or not you switch the company you buy it from. You can still count on the same dependable service.

Retailers are companies licensed to sell electricity. Retailers do not participate in the actual physical delivery of electricity, but act as financial intermediaries. In the market that operated in Ontario from May to November 2002, retailers allowed customers to shop around for fixed-price electricity contracts and avoid buying electricity at the prevailing spot market rate. Distributors are permitted to establish affiliated, though separate, retail companies.

All electricity retailers are required by law to be licensed by the Ontario Energy Board. They must also enter an agreement with the local distributor before their electricity can be delivered to you. There are currently numerous electricity retailers licensed in Ontario, but not all are actively conducting business.

The Ontario Energy Board is responsible for issuing retailer licenses and for investigating complaints from customers.

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